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Andrea’s Cookbooks

Andrea Apuzzo has changed the way New Orleans diners think about Italian Food. By marrying Louisiana foodstuffs to Northern Italian cooking techniques, they set a new standard of taste and style at Andrea’s Restaurant.

No sooner had Andrea’s guests finished their meals than they asked for the unusual recipes they'd just enjoyed. These books answer that demand.

My Home is Your Home

My Home is Your Home - Cookbook

Recipes For a Happy, Healthy Life From 45 Years of Cooking For Family and Friends

By Chef Andrea Apuzzo with John DeMers
Photography by Kerri McCaffety

Beginning at the age of 7, working in a bakery in his village on the isle of Capri, Apuzzo has amassed a lifetime of cooking wisdom. Though his first two successful cookbooks - La Cucina di Andreas and Andreas Light - centered on recipes developed as a restaurant chef, this book takes us into Andreas home kitchen. Its the kind of food that, if you are lucky, your Mama and especially your Grandma used to make. Gone are the highly stylized and unforgiving “mother sauces” of classical European restaurant cuisine, replaced deliciously here by direct approaches to direct flavors, including glorious soups, stews and braised meats that are the true hallmark of authentic Italian cooking. Getting special emphasis, naturally, are the freshest of seafoods that daily inspire this popular chef, born on an island in the Mediterranean and embraced by seafood-crazed New Orleans on the Gulf of Mexico.

In this task of home cooking, Apuzzo was joined for every chop, sprinkle and stir by veteran author and food editor John DeMers, a New Orleans native whose 31 published books have taught him much about how the foods of his hometown fit into the broadest visions of global cuisine. DeMers spent three seasons researching, translating and polishing Italian recipes for the PBS cooking series Cucina, an effort that produced a companion cookbook each year.

Adding luscious imagery to this wonderful recipe collection is award-winning photographer, Kerri McCaffety. McCaffety has photographed ten books, five of which she also wrote. While documenting the citys culinary and cocktail history, she has been called “stunningly skilled,” “a photographic genius,” and “the reigning Queen of New Orleans color photography.” A gold-medal winner of the coveted Lowell Thomas award, her works have been deemed “pillars of Louisianas cultural record.”

207 pages
8.5" x 11"
ISBN 978-0-9709336-7-6

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Andrea’s Light

Andrea's Light - Cookbook

Andreas Light: New Orleans Italian Cookbook
By Chef Andrea Apuzzo

Chef Andrea Sees the “Light”

METAIRIE, LA. -- If you listen closely turning the pages of “Andreas Light”, you can almost hear Chef Andrea Apuzzo and the rest of Italy enjoying the last laugh. Imagine the joy of watching the world discover (or rediscover) that its favorite cuisine is also one of its healthiest.

With his new collection of useful tips and dazzlingly direct recipes -- from Zuppa to budino di pane -- Chef Andrea opens the door even wider to those who seek Italian warmth, pleasure and sheer sunshine within the context of a lifestyle both moderate and modern. “This is something many of my customers have asked me for over the years,” Chef Andrea said. "Its a set of dishes that meet todays dietary guidelines but still maintain the standards of presentation and especially flavor that we have here at Andreas. “Its a thrill to realize that this is something that will really help people live better, when they dine here at the restaurant and also when they cook at home.”

The author is donating a portion of the proceeds from “Andreas Light” to Childrens Hospital of New Orleans -- investing, as it were, in a whole new generation to fill the tables at Andreas in Metairie. There is a kind of irony within an irony here, a delight within a delight. First, you have a traditional Italian cuisine, northern and southern -- as described in Chef Andreas first book, “La Cucina di Andreas.” Both styles tend to rely on fresh foods more than processed, both tend to stress seafood more than red meat, and both tend to push butter and cream aside in favor of the more healthful olive oil.

Second, you have Chef Andrea - who, with a boost from a cardiologist and a registered dietitian, has made his recipes more healthful still. Fat has been kept to a bare minimum in these dishes, as have cholesterol and calories in general. There are lots of useful tips strewn about, many setting guidelines from the American Heart Association in striking culinary relief. Like Paul Prudhomme in his light book “Fork in the Road,” Chef Andrea doesnt declare himself a dietitian or even a zealot for this or that miracle diet. What he is, is a chef in love with food, in love with life -- and even more in love with the human beings he has helped enjoy both for so many years. These days, many restaurants offer low fat or “heart-healthy” dishes as part of their overall menus, though customers sometimes complain these dishes are not the “real thing.” With “Andreas Light” as a guide, and many of its techniques as teachers, we might start doing a better job of honoring the foods we cook by respecting the lives that consume them.

Just released, “Andreas Light” is currently making its way into bookstores. It can also be purchased directly at Andreas Restaurant or by mail. Mail orders should include a check for $16.95 plus $4.00 to cover shipping. Address orders to Andreas Light, 3100 19th Street, Metairie, LA 70002.

Cucina dellArt Publishing, hardcover, $16.95.

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La Cucina di Andrea’s

La Cucina di Andrea's - Cookbook

The Food of New Orleans and the Style of Northern Italy Come Together in a Great Restaurant and Its Cookbook

First-class Northern Italian cooking--made with ingredients of the spectacular quality one finds in Italy, and served with attention to details--was a most elusive commodity around New Orleans until Andreas Restaurant opened. Chef Andrea Apuzzo now shares the dishes that made Andreas the citys first five-star Italian restaurant in a colorful new cookbook: La Cucina di Andreas: Extra-Virgin Recipes (Cucina dellART; February 1990; $23.95 plus $4.95 to cover shipping).

La Cucina di Andreas differs from every previous Italian cookbook in that its recipes are built from the superb, unique foodstuffs and exciting tastes of New Orleans. The match is wonderful. “It is a special pleasure to be able to cook the great seafood we have here,” says the chef. “Creole delicacies like crawfish, pompano, and oysters are outstanding in classic Northern Italian preparations.” The combination made Andreas an instant hit--both with the diners who fill its tables, and the critics who made it the citys first five-star Italian restaurant.

La Cucina di Andreas is built on a strong base: the traditional Italian cooking practiced by Chef Andrea for over 30 years. He tells how he makes fresh pasta, along with dozens of sauces to go with it. As well as how to make what has been called New Orleans best pizza, and Signature recipes like Veal Chop Valdostana, Red Snapper Basilico, Steak Pizzaiola, and Tira Mi Su.

La Cucina di Andreas Extra-Virgin Recipes

Then extra-virgin olive oil and crushed red pepper meet soft-shell crabs and Tabasco. Red beans and rice gets a Caprese accent, and a fine seafood gumbo becomes the first course of a meal that goes on to include Linguine al Pesto, Osso Buco, Torta di Mandole and Espresso. Chef Andrea co-wrote the cookbook with his cousin and partner Roberto de Angelis (who suggests the perfect Italian wine for each dish) and well-known New Orleans food writer Tom Fitzmorris. The chef re-worked the best of the restaurants recipes for home use. He carefully measured and timed each aspect of the recipe, and tested and re-tested to make sure it came out right.

Interspersed among the books 300 pages and 285 recipes are 32 full-page color photos of some of the best dishes in the book that will make your mouth water even before you heat the olive oil for the first recipe.

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    Chef Andrea's Wine

    Chef Andrea was born and raised on the beautiful Isle of Capri, Italy, where he learned as a young boy how to pick grapes with the help of his father and grandfather in his family owned and operated vineyard. Chef Andrea was tasting wine at the table as a young man as well.

    Now he has brought his own wines to the United States. Andrea's guests now have the opportunity to taste Chef Andrea's Aglianico and Falanghina wines.

    Champania Region of Italy

    320 Andrea's Falanghina White Wine

    A lightly bitter wine, with afresh, pleasant taste and a delicate fruit aroma.


    100 Andrea's Aglianico Red Wine

    The carefully selected Aglianico grapes are crafted into a wine with an aromatic blend of fruit. Richly bodied but dry with high tannins.


    "Producing my own wines and owning my own restaurant -all of my dreams have come true!"
    Chef Andrea

    *All wine orders are placed through the restaurant.