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Overview of Andrea's Restaurant



Dinner Menu

~Gli Antipasta Freddi~
Cold Appetizers
   Prosciutto di Parma & Melon
   Oysters Nettuno
fresh Lousiana oysters on the half shell, served with remoulade and cocktail sauce 1/2 dozen $10.00/1 dozen $18.00

   Antipasto Italiano
sampling of assorted marinated fresh vegetables, imported meats and cheeses from our display table
   Cockail di Gamberi
Louisiana gulf shrimp boiled in seasoned stock; peeled & deveined; served with cocktail and remoulade sauce
   Beef Bresaola di Vartellina
   Brushetta Basilico
Fresh Plum Tomato marinated in extra virgin olive oil, garlic & fresh basil
   Frutti di Mare Portofino
Assorted seafood poached in white wine; chilled & marinated in olive oil, white wine & lemon juice; served on top of arugula
   Filet of Beef Carpaccio
thinly sliced raw tenderloin of beef served with imported reggiano cheese sprinkled with white truffle oil
   Salmone Affumicato Nova Scotia
smoked salmon served with fresh dill sauce, toast points & condiments
~Gli Antipasta Caldi~
Hot Appetizers
   Scampi alla Caprese
Louisiana gulf shrimp saut�ed with white wine, lemon juice, olive oil & fresh herbs and served with angel hair
   Charbroiled Oysters
1/2 dozen $9.00/1 dozen $17.95

   LA Crabmeat & Eggplant Crabcake Andrea
Eggplant meat with Italian seasonings combined with Louisiana crab served with lemon butter sauce
   Calamari Fritti OR Umido
golden fried calamari served with marinara sauce OR sauteed with wite wine, olive oil and fresh herbs
   Mussels Mugnaia O Marinara
cape mussels steamed in a white wine sauce Or light tomato broth & fresh spices
   Oysters en Brochette
oysters wrapped with leeks and bacon broiled and served in a white wine and lemon cream sauce
   Melenzane Fritte
Fried Eggplant sticks served w/ marinara sauce
   Escargots All' Italiana
snails sauteed & served in a mushroom cup topped with hollandaise sauce and served with toasted garlic bread
   Baked Oysters Andrea
fresh herbs, bread crumbs and parmesan cheese
~La Zuppa~
Homemade Soups
   Pasta e Fagioli Toscana
Tuscany white beans cooked with onions, garlic, beef stock, fresh herbs & served with pasta & topped with Reggiano cheese
$4.50cup/$8.00 bowl

   Turtle Soup Henry
New Orleans turtle soup topped with sherry
$5.50 cup/$9.50 bowl

   Seafood Gumbo
Louisana fresh shrimp & crabmeat with okra & File
$4.95 Cup/$9.00Bowl

   Minestrone Milanese
Assorted vegetables saut�ed & cooked with beef & chicken stock served with arborio rice & parmesan cheese
cup $4.50/bowl $8.00

   Stracciatella di Medici
Beef and chicken broth, spinach leaves, eggs and parmesan cheese
Cup $4.50/Bowl $8.00

Fresh Salads
   Insalata Caesar
Caesar salad with heart of romaine tossed with anchovies, parmigiana reggiano cheese, olive oil & croutons
   Iceberg Wedge
Lettuce wedge topped w/ blue cheese and bacon
   Insalata Andrea
Bibb, romnaine, sliced avocado, green onion, tomato, mushrooms & our house dressing; topped with parmesan cheese
served with tomato and shaved parmiggiano
   Spinach Agro Dolce
fresh spinach w/ a sweet & sour dressing w/ boiled egg quarters and bacon
   Pormodori & Mozzarella Caprese
homemade mozzarella cheese served with tomato, onion, garlic, olive oil, fresh basil & a touch of oregano
~Le Paste Della Casa~
Fresh Homemade Pastas
   Spaghetti & Meatballs Nello
meatballs served w/ spaghetti chitarra
   LA Crabmeat Ravioli Andrea
homemade ravioli stuffed with crabmeat & tossed with a light crabmeat cream sauce
   Cheese Ravioli Roberto
homemade pasta stuffed with imported cheese & herbs, topped with a light tomato basil sauce & grated reggiano cheese
   Ravioli Alla Bolognese
Homemade pasta stuffed w/ veal, beef, cheese, and herbs, topped w/ meat sauce
   Linguine Pesto Genovese
$16.00/with shrimp $24.00

   Baked Lasagna Regina
homemade baked lasagna with spinach, imported cheeses, ground beef, fresh herbs & served with tomato basil sauce
   Fettuccine Alfredo
homemade fettuccine served in a light Alfredo sauce
$17.00/with shrimp $22.95

   Gnocchi Regina O Quattro Formaggi
Homemade potato dumplings with tomato basil sauce OR four cheese sauce
   Rigatoni Quattro Formaggi OR Carbonara
   Porcini Mushroom ravioli
ravioli served with wild mushrooms from Italy, lightly flamed with brandy, and seasoned with fresh sage
   Risotto Jazz
imported Arborio rice tossed with shrimp and crabmeat, served with a creamy Parmigiana sauce
   Cannelloni Due Torre
Homemade pasta sheets stuffed with veal, beef, imported cheeses; baked & served with a light tomato basil sauce
   Littleneck Clams Aglio e Olio
   Capelli de Andrea
angel hair tossed with smoked salmon, flamed with vodka in a light cream sauce & topped with caviar
   Cape Mussels Marinara OR Meuniere
served with linguine
   Melenzane Parmigiana
baked eggplant parmiggiana served with linguine in tomato sauce
~Pesce Fresco & Acqua Salata E Dolce~
Fresh & Salt Water Fish
"Fish Swim Right To My Door Everyday�
   Grilled Filet of Salmon Fiorentina
fresh filet of salmon grilled & served with white wine, on top of saut�ed spinach with a light lemon herb sauce
   Speckled Trout Crabmeat Royale
filet of speckled trout saut�ed in olive oil & served with lump crabmeat in a lemon cream sauce
   Red Snapper Aqua Pazza (Crazywater)
   Speckled Trout Villa d'Este OR Amandine
   Cioppino Genovese Zuppa di Pesce
fresh seafood, mussels, clams, scallops, shrimp, lump crabmeat, and squid lightly saut�ed with onion, garlic crushed red pepper, white wine, herbs, plum tomatoes & served with linguine
   LA Gulf Shrimp Scampi Arriabiata OR Caterina
Louisiana jumbo shrimp saut�ed and flamed with brandy & served with a filet of tomato sauce OR white wine garlic butter sauce & served with linguine
   Dover Sole Meunier
deboned filet of dover sole served with a meunier caper sauce
~Carne, Vitello, Pollame, Montone~
Beef, Veal, Poultry, Pork, & Lamb
served with chef's accompaniments
   Veal Scaloppini Piccata OR Marsala
White veal saut�ed in butter with a white wine lemon sauce OR saut�ed with mushrooms in a marsala wine sauce
   Chicken Breast Limone
   Veal Scaloppini Maria Louisa
white veal saut�ed & served with jumbo lump crabmeat, lemon cream sauce & a touch of b�rnaise
   Roasted Chicken Grande
1/2 roast chicken served with rosemary and roasted garlic in an olive oil herb sauce
   Veal Scalloppini Villa d' Este
   Ossobuco Milanese
Veal shank braised & served au jus, with saffron rice OR angel hair, olive oil & a touch of garlic
   Veal Scaloppine Parmigiana
White veal breaded with seasoned Italian bread crumbs; saut�ed with eggplant, topped with tomato, mozzarella & parmesan cheese with fresh basil. Served with linguine
   Pollo Saltimbocca Federico
breast of chicken, prosciutto, ham, sage, and fontina cheese
From Our Grill
In-House Hand Cut Meat
   6 oz Filet of Beef Tenderloin
   9 oz. Filet of Beef Tenderloin Black Peppercorn Sauce
USDA filet of prime beef tenderloin saut�ed & served with cognac black peppercorn sauce
   9 oz Angus Beef Tenderloin Andrea
Prime tenderloin of beef saut�ed in a demiglace, mushrooms, red & green bell peppers, crushed black pepper; garnished with shrimp; flamed with brandy & served with saffron rice
   1 lb. T- Bone Steak Fiorentina Ai Ferri
grilled T-Bone steak w/ sauteed spinach, herbs, garlic, and extra virgin olive oil
   12 oz Ribeye Bistecca Pizzaiola
ribeye steak saut�ed & served with pizziaola sauce; prepared with fresh tomato filet, extra virgin olive oil, touch of garlic & fresh oregano OR grilled to your liking OR prime sirloin steak grilled and topped with gorgonzola cheese
   Veal Chop Voldostana OR Alla Griglia
white veal chop stuffed with imported fontina cheese, prosciutto ham, breaded, saut�ed & served in a creamy mushroom sauce OR grilled & served with a red wine cabernet truffle sauce
   12 oz Prime Sirloin Steak Griglia
   Grilled Pork Chop
with roast garlic butter sauce
   Grilled Lamb Chop Sherman
with menthe sauce
Side Orders
   Angel Hair Aglio e Olio
   Steamed Broccoli
   Garlic Creamy Mashed Potatoes
   Sauteed Spinach Pepperoncini
   Broccoli & Cheese
   Baked Idaho Potato Loaded
   Roasted Idaho Potatoes Contadina
   Asparagus Milanese
   Angel Hair Pasta Aschiutta
   Garlic Bread
   Baked Ziiti and Cheese
   Fettuccini Alfredo
   Spiced French Fries
spiced hand cut french fries served with marinara sauce
   Assorti Formaggi Italiana and Frutta
assorted italian cheeses and fruits
~Piccolo Menu~
Children's Menu
   Chicken Fingers
breaded or wrapped in flour and served with french fries
   Fried Shrimp
served with french fries
   Gourmet Cheese Pizza
   Cheese Ravioli
   Spaghetti and Meatballs
   Fettuccini Alfredo
   Shrimp Fettuccini Alfredo
   Chopped Steak
served in a mushroom sauce and comes with french fries
~La Dolce Vita~
Italian ice cream
vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry
   Lemon or Raspberry Sorbet
   Praline Pecan Cheesecake
old fashioned baked cheesecake coated with pralined pecans
   Creme Brulee
   Chocolate Mousse
   White Chocolate Mousse
Served in a dark chocolate cup over a light raspberry sauce
   Cr�me Caramel
caramel custard
   Zuppa Inglese
English trifle
homemade chocolate & vanilla sponge cake layered with cream, fresh strawberries, candied fruit, triple sec, grand meunier & topped with whipped cream
   Tira Mi Su
pick-me-up cake with mascarpone cheese & espresso
   Bread Pudding
served with warm praline sauce
   Cannoli Siciliano
traditional Italian crispy pastry tube stuffed with chocolate, vanilla & ricotta cheese filling
traditional Italian ice cream & cake confection
   Chocolate Truffle Mousse Cake
   Strawberry Shortcake
   Coconut Cake
~Caffe & Te~
Coffee & Tea
regular or decaf
regular or decaf
regular or decaf
   Iced Tea
   Flavored Tea
   Italian Coffee
   Andrea's Coffee
   Irish Coffee

To Our Guests:
Do not be shy. With advance notice Chef Andrea will be pleased to prepare your favorite dish.
Please feel free to call 834-8583.

Ask your waiter or waitress about
our low cholesterol or vegetarian dishes


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