Saturday & Sunday Brunch


Fresh Fruit Cup with plain yogurt $6
Andrea’s salad with avocado, mushrooms & your choice of dressing $10
Wedge Salad with bleu cheese and bacon $8
Seafood Gumbo or Turtle Soup Cup $6 | Bowl $10
Imported Parma Prosciutto & Melon $10
LA Crab & Shrimp Au Gratin $14
Smoked Salmon & Mini Bagel Served with crème cheese, capers and chopped onions $12


Italian sausage 1 link $2.50 | 2 links $4
Applewood smoked bacon $3
Link sausage $2
Sliced ham steak grilled $4
Stone ground grits and cheese $1.75
Roasted hash brown potatoes $2.50
Cappuccino $3.50 | Espresso $3.25 | Coffee & Latte $2.50
Fresh squeezed orange or grapefruit juice $3


Italian Frittata
Italian sausage, bell pepper, tomato, fresh herbs and Parmesan $13
Poached Eggs
Andrea Eggs on toasted wheat bread with smoked Salmon, hollandaise sauce, and wilted spinach $18
Chicken & Waffles $16
Tiers of pancakes
Topped with fresh fruit, served with maple syrup $9.50
U -15/16 ct. Shrimp Scampi Bbque
Served with stone grits $18.95
Poached Eggs Benedict
On an English muffin, with Canadian bacon and hollandaise sauce $15
Build your own Omelet
With your choice of ham, cheddar cheese, Italian sausage, Bell Pepper, spinach, mushrooms, Swiss cheese, Served with Brabant potatoes $12
6 Oz. Grilled Ribeye
Topped with egg any style $22
Crab Cake
Topped with fried egg béarnaise, served with Brabant potatoes $19
Croissant Monticristo
Provolone cheese and ham $13
Pork Scallopini Grillades & Grit
scaloppini of pork topped with sauce $17.95
2 Eggs fried
With bacon or sausage, and grits or brabant potatoes $11
3 eggs Fried
With bacon or sausage, and grits or Brabant potatoes $12.50
Liver & Grits
Served with onions and a demi-glace sauce $12
Waffles with fresh berries
Poached Eggs Benedict
Poached Eggs Benedict
Poached Eggs Benedict

Sunday Champagne Brunch

Eye Openers

Sazerac $6
Mint Julep $6
Bloody Mary $6
Mimosa $6
Planters Punch $6
Sherry $6
Fresh Strawberry Daiquiri $6
Margarita $6
Martini $6
Brandy Milk Punch $6
Americano $6
Masianco Pinot Grigio $7
LaTerre Chardonnay $5
Draft Beer $4.25


Cheese Ravioli Roberto $9
Soup Du Jour Cup $4.50 Bowl $7
Smoked Salmon
With toast points, cream cheese and capers $13
Capelli Andrea
Smoked salmon vodka caviar $12
LA. Shrimp Cocktail with remoulade sauce $12
Mixed Green Italian Salad
With your choice if dressing $4.50
Fried Calamari
With marinara sauce $10
Fried Eggplant Sticks
With marinara sauce $9
Oysters en Brochette $12
Proscuitto & Melon $12

Entree Specials

Strawberry Waffles
with fresh berries and whipped cream $13.75
Blueberry Pancakes & Syrup
two delicious pancakes made with blueberries $13
LA. Shrimp Cocktail with remoulade sauce $12
Egg fried upside down
Served on top Italian sausage, bacon and Brabant potatoes $16.50
Frittata Italiano
Served with crabmeat, mushrooms, ham, cheese, spinach, Italian sausage, roasted bell peppers, fresh herbs and Brabant potatoes $19
The Tall Stack
with fresh berries and whipped cream $13.75
Grilled pork chop NOLA
Topped with creole sauce and Brabant potatoes $19
3 Egg Omelet
With your choice of ham, cheddar cheese, Italian sausage, bell pepper, Swiss cheese and Brabant potatoes $17
Frittata Panino Sorrento
Eggplant breaded, golden fried, & folded between 3 egg omelet, topped with mozzarella cheese & light tomato basil sauce
La. Speckled Trout Almondine OR Meuniere $24


Veal Scallopine Romano
Medallions of veal poached in egg wash, Parmesan cheese, sauteed in butter and topped with a touch of tomato basil sauce $24
Eggs Andrea
Poached eggs on grilled salmon served with English muffin and hollandaise sauce $24
Eggs Tommaso
Poached eggs and Italian sausage served on a English muffin, topped with reed and green bell pepper, onion and a touch of tomato $22
Veal Scallopine Piccata $22, Marsala & Marie Louise $24
Veal sauteed in butter with a white wine lemon sauce OR a mushroom Marsala wine sauce OR topped with jumbo lump crabmeat in a light cream sauce with a touch of Bearnaise on top
Fresh Filet of Trout Villa D’Este
Fresh filet of trout sauteed in butter and served with mushrooms and artichoke in a meunier sauce $25.95
Louisiana Crabmeat Au Gratin
Louisiana crabmeat sauteed with onion, garlic and seasonings, baked and served with assorted vegetables $22
Grits and Grillades
Veal sauteed and served with creole sauce, cheese, grits and Italian sausage $24
Chicken Bella Donna (Bonne Femme)
Roast Chicken cut and pan sauteed, topped with fresh sliced garlic and parsley served with roasted potatoes $19
Polpetto Nello
Uncle Nello’s meatballs with marinara sauce served over linguine $16.95
Filet Mignon A’Cheval
Filet tenderloin of beef topped with eggs sunny side up and beranise sauce $29
Stracci d’Uove Ortolano
3 eggs scrambled with garlic, Italian sausage, fresh spinach and Parmesan cheese & served with Brabant potatoes $17.95
La. Gulf Jumbo Shrimp Andrea’s
Jumbo shrimp sauteed in shrimp scampi bisque  served over stone ground grits $24
Insalata Caesar Oyster
Select oysters,fried golden brown served with romaine, Caesar dressings $18
Eggs Benedict
Poached eggs and grilled Canadian bacon and English, topped with hollandaise sauce $21
Eggs Florentine
Poached eggs on smoked pancetta, fresh spinach sauteed in butter on an English muffin topped with a mornay sauce $22
Eggs Your Choice
Served with bacon, Italian sausage, grits & Brabant potatoes OR with corned beef hash brown & topped with hollandaise sauce $22
Fresh Filet of Trout Venice
fresh filet of trout sauteed and served with a crabmeat meunier sauce $27
Chicken Parmigiana
Double deboned breast of chicken with eggplant, sauteed in a light tomato sauce $20
Award Winning Bistecca Pizzaiola
Prime U.S.D.A steak with a touch of oregano in a tomato garlic sauce $26
Chicken Rochenbeau
Deboned breast of chicken sauteed and served with sliced ham and mushrooms in a demi-glace sauce, topped with bernaise $21
Lasagna Regina
Homemade lasagna with beef and cheese in a tomato sauce $18
Eggs Conti
Pastry shell filled with poached eggs & creole sauce topped hollandaise sauce $18
Eggplant Crabcake Andrea
topped with fried eggs, crabmeat and hollandaise sauce $19


Bread Pudding $7
Spumoni $6
Caramel Custard $7
Cassata $6
Chocolate Mousse $7
Strawberry Shortcake $8
Zuppa Inglese (English Trifle) $8
Fresh Fruit $6
Assorted Ice Creams $6
Espresso Affogaoto
Vanilla Ice Cream topped w/ espresso & whipped cream $7.50
Crespelle Marylynn Lassen
Fresh made stuffed with cream cheese & topped with strawberry sauce $10
Le Pain Perdue
topped with powdered sugar $8

Children’s Menu

$16 for children 12 & under plus tax & gratuity ( 5 & under free)
French Toast and Sausage
Meatballs & Pasta
Fried Shrimp with French Fries
Chicken Breast Panee with Fettuccine
Ravioli with Cheese
Scrambled Eggs with Toast
Ice Cream

Coffee & Tea

Cappuccino $3.50
Espresso $2.90
Irish Cappucino (brandy) $6
Hot Assorted Teas $2.99
Flavored Teas $4.90
Decaff Espresso $3.50
Italian Cappuccino $6.50
Iced Tea $2
Mineral Water $4.90
Panna Water (non sparkling) $4.90
Swiss Caffee Espresso, Kirshwasser & whipped cream $6.90
Roman Caffee (Sambuca) $7.50