Carpaccio di Manza Tartufo
Thinly sliced beef tenderloin, baby arugula, shaved reggiano cheese, truffled extra virgin olive oil
Cocktail di Gamberi
Boiled Louisiana gulf shrimp served with cocktail remoulade sauce
Italian Antipasto Mistro sm
Sampling of assorted marinated fresh vegetables, imported meats & cheeses
Prosciutto di Parma e Melone
Thinly sliced imported prosciutto and seasonal melon
Raw Oysters on the Half Shell 1/2 Doz Mkt/ Doz Mkt
Gulf oysters and cocktail sauce
Smoked North Atlantic Salmon
Served with condiments, grilled bread, capers, onions, & dill sauce
LA Char Grilled Oysters 1/2 Doz Mkt/ Doz Mkt
Gulf oysters grilled over an open flame, topped with butter, herbs, garlic, & parmesan cheese
Calamari Fritti
Golden fried calamari served with marinara sauce or sautéed with white wine & herbs
Eggplant Crabcake Andrea
Louisiana crabmeat, eggplant, Italian herbs. Topped with lump crabmeat. Served with lemon butter meuniere sauce
Scampi alla Caprese
Louisiana gulf shrimp sautéed with white wine, lemon, olive oil & fresh herbs over angel hair pasta
Vongole in Humido
Steamed littleneck clams, olive oil, garlic, white wine and pepperoncino. Angel hair pasta
Mussel Marinara
Cape mussels steamed in a white wine- tomato herb broth.


Zuppa di Tartaruga “Turtle Soup Henry”
Zuppa di Pesce Creolese “Seafood Gumbo”
Seafood Gumbo, with Louisiana Gulf shrimp and crabmeat served with rice
Minestrone Milanese cup
Italian vegetable soup, served with Arborio rice & parmesan cheese
Pasta e Fabioli cup
Tuscan white bean soup with pasta. Chef’s Favorite

Side Salads

Insalata Andrea
Boston bib, romaine, avocado, mushrooms, green onion, artichoke hearts, parmesan cheese & house dressing.
Caesar Salad
Heart of romaine tossed with homemade dressing. Served with parmesan cheese & fresh croutons.
Pomodoro Mozzarella & Caprese
Housemade mozzerarella cheese sliced & served with tomato, onion, garlic, olive oil, fresh basil, oregano.
Iceberg Wedge
with blue cheese and bacon

Large Cold Entree Salad

Insalata Cesare Con Oysters OR Shrimp Griglia…
Select oysters, fried golden brown, or grilled shrimp. Crisp romaine lettuce, Caesar dressing, garlic & croutons.
Avocado Shrimp…
Avocado, shrimp, and jumbo lump crabmeat over arugula
Crabmeat and Olive Artichoke Salad…
Fresh mixed greens with diced tomatoes, sliced Italian olives, artichoke hearts & fresh Louisiana lump crabmeat. Balsamic vinaigrette


Rotisserie Chicken A La Grande …..
1/2 roasted chicken, roasted garlic & olive oil sauce with angel hair pasta
Osso Buco Milanese…..
Veal shank braised in white wine, with saffron rice or angel hair pasta
Veal Scaloppine Maria Louisa ……
Veal shank braised in white wine with saffron rice or angel hair pasta
Veal Scaloppine Piccata OR Marsala……
White veal sauteed in olive oil with a white wine lemon butter sauce OR Marsala wine and mushroom sauce
Veal Scaloppine Romano …..
White veal dipped in egg & parmesan cheese, sautéed in olive oil, served with pasta in a light tomato sauce

Filet of Beef Tenderloin ….

with Cognac Peppercorn Sauce

Petto di Pollo Parmiggiana ……
Baked Chicken breast with eggplant, tomato, & mozzarella, ricotta cheese, tomato basil sauce with linguine
Parmigiana di Melanzana Sorrento ……
Sliced, breaded eggplant, sautéed in olive oil, layered with mozzarella, ricotta cheese, tomato basil sauce with linguine
Calf Liver Venice ……
Sautéed with caramelized onion topped with brown sauce
Rotisserie maple Leaf Duck ……
served with orange sauce

Fresh Fish

(Fresh Fish Swim to my door daily)
North Atlantic Salmon Florentine…..
Filet of Speckled Trout Meuniere or Almondine With Crabmeat
Fresh Catch of the Day: Market Price
Scampi Fra Diavolo…..
Shrimp sautéed in white wine a touch of garlic, Roma tomato and fresh herbs with linguine
Cioppino Medittareanea (Bouillabaisse) ….
Mussels, clams, crabmeat, calamari, fresh fish, cooked in a light tomato broth and fresh herbs over linguine

Housemade Pasta Entrees

All of our pastas are hand made daily in house.

Polpette Nello “Meatballs Uncle Nello”…..
Beef & veal meatballs, baked in tomato sauce. Served over linguine or angel hair pasta. With parmesan cheese
Rigatoni Carbonara…..
Pancetta, rosemary, black pepper, parmesan cheese & cream sauce
Cannelloni Due Torre……
Pasta Sheets stuffed with veal, beef and imported cheeses. Baked & served with a light tomato basil sauce
Cheese Ravioli Roberto or Bolognese….
Fresh pasta with herbs and imported cheese with a light tomato basil sauce or meat sauce
Angel Hair Smoked Salmon Andrea…..
Tossed with onion, garlic, smoked salmon, flamed with Vodka & topped with American Sturgeon caviar
Fettucine Primavera al Pesto……
Seasonal vegetable pasta with basil pesto. Add: Shrimp Chicken
Andreas Award Winning Crabmeat Ravioli…..
House made ravioli stuffed with crabmeat. Tossed with a light crabmeat parmesan cream sauce
Porcini Ravioli…..
Ravioli stuffed with Porcini mushrooms & sun-dried tomatoes in a light mushroom cream
Lasagna Regina…….
Baked lasagna with spinach, imported cheese, ground beef & fresh herbs
Regina Gnocchi al Pesto or Four Cheese…….
Italian mini potato dumplings with basil sauce or four cheese sauce
Any pasta entrees served as a $12 appetizer. We offer Rigatoni, Angel Hair, Whole Wheat, & Gluten Free Pasta made in-house.

Wood Burning Brick Oven Pizza

Pizza Margherita
Tomato, basil, parmesan and mozzarella
Pizza Arrabiata
Caramelized onion & crushed red pepper. Italian sausage, tomato, garlic, pecorino cheese
Pizza Cindy
Gorgonzola, mozzarella and goat cheese. Spinach, avocado, portobello mushrooms, sun-dried tomato, basil, oregano, onions, garlic & extra-virgin olive oil
Made on homeade bread. Grilled bread, roasted pepper, provolone, prosciutto and basil pesto. Fresh roasted turkey, fontina cheese, arugula, balsamic onion jam. Mortadella, and salami Calabrese
Italian Sausage
Italian sausage bell pepper roasted on homeade bread topped with mozzarella
Assorted Italian Cheeses & Fruits
Bel Paese, Reggiano, Fontina, Gorgonzola, Pecorino & Goat Cheeses served with Fresh Fruit

Homemade Sweets

Creme Caramel
Creme Brulee
Spumoni Ice Cream
White Chocolate Bread Pudding
Lemon or Raspberry Sorbet
Cannoli Siciliana
Traditional Italian Ice Cream & Cake Confection
Coconut Cake
Praline Pecan Cheesecake
**There may be a risk associated with raw shellfish as is the case with other raw protein products. If you suffer from chronic illness of the liver, stomach, blood or have other immune disorders, you should eat these products fully cooked.**